Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are the ideal gateway into a conversation with your customers. Facebook and Instagram is how we consume our content in the 2018 digital world. It’s not just about sharing updates, and letting your customers know what you’re up to. The deep engagement lies in the story telling of who you are, what your business does, and most importantly, targeting the correct market with the correct vision of your product or service.

Our Process



We begin to audit your current social media marketing situation. We look at the current results of your organic reach, paid marketing campaigns, as well as important aspects like branding and product market fit.



Based on our findings, we strategise around the best ideas to bring your product or service in front of the target customer.

This may include conducting market research into your niche, as well as competitors.



In the final stage we implement our strategy. Organic reach, paid Facebook advertising, video campaigns – whatever it may be, by this stage we have a plan in place which will be executed, tested and reported on to measure the ROI for your business.

Types of Solutions

Organic Campaigns

With organic campaigns, we aim to grow the brand awareness of your business and establish authority in the market. This results in higher amount of inbound leads in a longer period of time.

Social Media Advertising Campaigns

With an advertising campaign, we are able to target a specific and narrow group of people using Facebook and / or Instagram. We are able to do this using the wealth of information those social media platforms hold on its users including age, gender, location, hobbies, interests, industry of work, purchasing habits and much more.

This allows to generate greater results, from a more qualified group of the target market, in a shorter amount of time.

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