Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of achieving, improving and maintaining ranking results in popular Search Engines such as Google. Search results are determined by different algorithms which we keep up to date and comply with. We only use 100% white-hat SEO techniques to ensure long-term, positive results.

Our Process



First, we learn about your business. We learn about all of the products and services that you offer but also learn about the profiles of your customers. We will perform an audit of your website to understand the positives and outline the space for improvement. We not only dive deep into your own website but we also do a market place analysis in your industry to see how well the competition is performing and how we can capitalise.



Armed with an audit of your website and an analysis of your competitors we start to build our strategy according to your needs. We will discuss with your key performance indicators (KPIs) that tie in with your organisation’s overall marketing goals. Then, we reverse engineer how we achieve these goals through our careful and strategic planning process.



We take action on the strategy that we have carefully crafted and provide ongoing work to build, grow and sustain your organic search engine rankings. You will receive regular reports tracking your progress so you can see the results we are getting for your business.

SEO includes

On-page SEO

Search engines must know what your website is about. We research your keywords and carefully include them within your copy, meta titles, meta descriptions and URLs. With the growth of AI, it is no longer a case of “keyword stuffing”, the quality of what is written is the most important factor. We write with the end user in mind and write content in a way that decreases the bounce rate which is a big factor for search rankings.

Link Building

Undisputedly, backlinks are a big factor in websites ranking well in search engines. Google wants to provide their users with the best websites possible in their search results. Backlinks are like a popularity contest, the more you have from other quality websites, the more you will be rewarded. All of the links that we build are of high quality and white-hat.

Content Marketing

Building a content marketing strategy is important for every business in every industry. Each day your customers are searching for their pain points, and you should be there to solve them. We create blogs, ebooks, infographics and guides that help solve these pain points, build rapport and ultimately drive leads.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Often getting traffic to the website isn’t the difficult part. It is how you present your web pages to your audiences in a way that makes them compelled to convert. We extensively test the user experience of your site to be sure that it is as easy as possible for users to complete the goals that you set.

Local SEO

If you are a local business and are not ranking on Google Maps you are ruining your visibility for potential customers. You need to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to call you, get directions or visit your website for more information. You don’t want to let the local competition get ahead of you in Google.

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