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Music Geeks


Music Geeks approached us to create a brand identity look for their newly launched digital magazine series. The brand is aiming to entice readers of the younger generation and obsessed with music.



We approached the project with an open mind towards the style, but after research of the specific target audience, we decided to proceed with a ‘popping’ and eye-catching tone.



We produced the main logo design, keeping in mind the essence of the magazine, which is music. Together combined with a ‘geeky’ element of some big glasses, both we and the client decided it was a fantastic representation of the brand. We have also produced a social media design for the magazine, allowing their Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages to remain branded and consistent within their brand identity.

Nicole Alii

“I am really impressed with your agency. I am hoping that we continue to work together, as I feel your company is very professional and works to a deadline.”