Lewis Raymond Taylor

Branding, web development & sales funnel integration for serial entrepreneur and speaker

Lewis Raymond Taylor, a UK based entrepreneur and speaker felt it was time to undergo a re-evaluation of his personal brand. The conclusion was that the, at-the-time, ‘current’ visual branding no longer represented Lewis’ personal development journey, nor did it represent the type of clients he was looking to attract.

We were tasked with creating a new visual brand identity which will reflect the casual business look, unorthodox out-of-the box thinking and motivation with which Lewis was taking his personal brand forward.

The new web solution became a central hub for everything Lewis is involved with. All of Lewis’ coaching programmes, from 2 different businesses, would be under the Lewis Raymond Taylor brand umbrella, and essentially act as a strategic sales funnel for the entrepreneurs niche.

A large part of the website structure was the integration of Active Campaign and Mailchimp e-mail marketing solutions to the free resource downloads. The website system flawlessly communicates with several e-mail campaigns within third party integrated software.


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From The Client

“Working with Wolfden Creative has been an eye-opener.

I had originally spent so much time trying to do things myself or finding cheap and unreliable people to do substandard work that didn’t get results.

Working with Denis, seeing my brand develop and returning my investment in the process, I’ve slowly moved more and more of my branding and creative design projects over the Wolfden Creative.

Now, they are solely responsible for everything I do now.

I wouldn’t go elsewhere and the work is always on-point, fast, and thorough. It’s rare you find somewhere that offers an incredible service and amazing results, but Wolden Creative is a great find!

I recommended them to anyone that want’s to bring their brand to life!

Thanks for all your hard work guys.”

– Lewis Raymond Taylor

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