There’s more to social media marketing than ad campaigns

Social media influencer campaigns
Can you make influencer marketing work for your business?

63% of marketers that use influencer marketing said it to be effective.

The sad truth is, most businesses should be utilising social influencers, and could really benefit from them however, they don’t know how to do it and more often than not, they have no idea entirely what it consist of. Influencer marketing has gotten the reputation of only being an option for multi-million dollar brands. The likes of Kim Kardashian, or some other social media account with a million followers sitting on it. No. That’s false. In my humble opinion, any brand or business can benefit from social media influencers, no matter how big or small, it just has to be executed right.

You see your standard famous Kendall Jennar posing selfies with make-up brands in their hands and wearing sponsored fashion items. This is happening every day, and anyone can do it with correct execution.

It’s no longer a brand-brand only game

I think there’s a massive misunderstanding in the market as influencers are only ever seen as the ever-famous ‘Instagram models’ and popular Viners of the internet. The fact of the matter is that ever business can benefit from an influencer, no matter how small or big. Because every business already does it, without knowing about it.93% of people trust recommendations from friends and family than ads. That’s word of mouth. You’re already practising the concept, whether instigated by your business or not.

Remember when your friend posted that selfie of herself with that tall Mocha and a fine sandwich down from the new deli near your office, and you thought “damn, that looks good, I’m gonna try it out next time!”, and you’ve been a regular customer for lunch, for the past 3 months. That precisely is influencer marketing in action. Your social media connection is influencing your decision of where to go for lunch, by using the medium she is best at to communicate -taking awesome selfies. Now, she’s not actually an influencer, she just did it because she’s happy with her sandwich, but the process of the execution is identical.

Word of mouth is still, in this digitally-heavy world, one of the best ways of marketing. Influencer marketing combines the best of both worlds from word-of-mouth recommendations, to digital execution. Those two combined, can work like a dream, when executed against the right market. Especially when using the right medium, done by the right people.

To conclude..

Bluntly put, influencer marketing is essentially word-of-mouth with a digital spin. The fact that industry suggests it is only for big brands and world-known celebrities is subjective. Of course, you have to also look at the facts. Someone who has a low following and has no experience or interest in the industry your business operates in, won’t bring your business a lot of exposure. Carefully choose influencers that have an interest in your area of operation, and potentially produce content within that community already.