Flyers and Banners

Flyers & Banners

Why do I need it?

Print advertising is still an important aspect of many businesses. Very useful for meetings, presentations, expo’s – or even a nice, informative banner to put up in your office for your clients to see.

We design, print, and deliver stunning promotional materials that help you stand out in front of your customers. Our most popular promotional prints are flyers and roll up banners.


Our process

Our process has been made as smooth as possible for you!

We design, print, and deliver your flyers and banners right to your doorstep.


Our standard offer

Single sided roll-up banner

Perfect for presentations and expo’s


(Includes design, print, delivery)



250 double sided A5 450gsm flyers

Matte or gloss lamination


(Includes design, print, delivery)

Other requirements?

We can fulfil many promotional print runs, too many to be able to list on our website! Let us know what you need by using the contact form on the page.


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Many believe that print is dead – that’s not true – utilising flyers and banners to portray your information can still be very effective if used correctly. We work with many businesses ranging from startups to established companies on ensuring their print media is helping their marketing thrive.

A few examples of our logo design work

Polar Digital banner
Startup Disruptors flyer