Kiticow infographic

About the project

Kiticow approached us to create a custom built theme for their newly launched website. We started out by scoping out their needs, and defining a brief based on what their at-the-time current website lacked.

The aim of the new website was to inform potential clients and stakeholders of what Kiticow can do for them. Providing information on the LEAN development cycle was very much at the forefront of the message the website needed to portray.

The scoping and original brief was of a high calibre and detail, because of the extensive research that was put into the project brief. Competitor analysis was instantly justified and applied to the scope. We created drafts and iterations of the style we wanted to take the project into.

The outcomes of the project were:

  • Fully functioning custom WordPress theme
  • Infographic illustration portraying the main points of a LEAN development cycle

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