A brand identity is a crucial aspect of any business. Whether operating on a small scale locally, or you’re an established and well known brand, it works the same way. In a world where we are bombarded with colours, adverts and logos left right and centre, your target market needs to be aware of your business and the message it sends. A ‘brand’ is not just the logo of your business, it’s the very presence, with a story behind it, and value to bring to a potential stakeholder.

Our Process


Brand Identification

First, we identify what your company represents. Who it is. Who the key stakeholders are, and who are the target market.

We distinguish how you are different from your competition, and what value you offer to your customers.

We start this simply by asking “why does your business exist?”


Brand Strategy

Once we have a great idea of the basics of your business, we begin to strategise and test visual and verbal brand identities.

This process consists of us presenting a variety of different ideas in terms of logo, colour scheme, business card design; as well as less tangible elements such as the tone, the voice, the values and the core mission and messaging of your business.


Brand Delivery

Brand delivery is the final stage of our branding process. By this stage, we will have established why your business exists, what value it offers, who it offers its value to, and how does it portray that value to its target market.

With the strategy in place, we begin to launch the brand identity piece by piece. We unveil the new logo design and colour scheme, we engage with your target market using social media, and educate the market on the new found mission and vision of your business. 

Key Focus Areas

These are all of the main aspects we can incorporate into a brand identity project. After an introductory discussion, we will be able to identify which of these key areas are necessary.

The choice of the below Key Focus Areas is tailored specifically to you and your business needs.

Logo Design

Business Card Design & Print

Marketing Collateral Design & Print

Website Design & Implementation

Company Vision

Company Mission Statement

Brand Pillars

Brand Voice

Brand Tone

Colour Scheme


Social Media Branding & Design


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