5 Reasons Why Your Website Needs To Be Mobile Friendly

5 Reasons Why Your Website Needs To Be Mobile Friendly

It’s astonishing that an article like this still has to be written in this day and age, and is still applicable to so many businesses and their owners out there. Is something not quite working like you thought with your website? High bounce rate? Not bringing in leads? Well, is it responsive to mobile devices? Take a read through the 5 short points below to see how you and your business are missing out of it isn’t.


1. Mobile Website Use Is Higher Than Desktop Website Use

Believe it or not, in late 2016, the overall internet usage on mobile phones surpassed internet usage on desktop devices. This means that users are utilising their mobile browsers far more often than ever. Why? Simple -it’s easily accessible. Think of all those times the adverts come on the telly, and you go to boot up your PC for 5 minutes..oh wait, no – you pick up your mobile phone and scroll through Facebook and Twitter instead. The power of mobile browsing lays in the convenience, where every spare minute we have, is spent looking into a small screen. If you’re a business owner, you should definitely be thinking about this.


2. Mobile Users Buy More

Mobile users make purchases more often than desktop users. 35% of all mobile users make a purchase at least once a week, compared to 15% of desktop users. Mobile users are also 2x more likely to make a purchase than desktop users. This is especially important if they stumble across your website on the mobile, and it’s not optimised for their phone. You can not only forget about getting the purchase from the user, but your brand will also gain the reputation of the “outdated” brand. Sometimes it’s just easier to go to a competitor, spend 10% more, but do it stress-free, on an easy-to-use mobile friendly website.


3. Direct Links From Social To Your Website

Another huge advantage is the use of social media, and social media advertising, to be more specific. If you’re a business owner, and you advertise your products or services with Facebook advertising, you surely must know that Facebook users on mobile amount to as much as 80%, whereas only 20% browse on a desktop device. This makes a lot of sense, continuing from point #1, it’s the convenience that plays the part. Waiting for the bus, killing 5 minutes of tv advert time, commuting – all of these scenarios are perfect examples of appropriate times to whip out your phone and see what the world is up to.


4. Google Rankings

Google doesn’t like websites that are not optimised for the mobile world. Organic SEO is likely to suffer, and your website is likely to be presented further down the pile, underneath all the websites that are mobile friendly. Last year, Google have announced that they will be scrapping their ‘Mobile Friendly’ mark which appears next to all search results that are optimised for mobile. Even though the mark will no longer be there, the SEO of your mobile unfriendly website will still be affected. This is simply because Google know’s what is happening, and it knows that users will have a far better experience using their search engine, if the findings are easy for them to access. Think of it this way, when you go to a library and ask for a copy of your favourite book, they would prefer to give you a clean, tidy and well looked-after hardback copy, and leave the dusty one with the bent corners in the back.


5. Mobile Means Everywhere

I’m going to use convenience to make yet another point, but it has to be said. Making your website mobile friendly, means your users can literally take it anywhere. With so many Wi-Fi hot spots around these days, and 4G internet connection being pretty much a standard with all mobile packages, your users can connect to your website literally whenever they like, without the need to use a PC, or even have an extensive amount of free time. Allowing your users to use your website freely on their hand-held devices is a huge bonus, and means you are making your website accessible wherever they go, maximising your chances of it being put in front of the correct audience, at the correct time.



These are the main 5 areas of mobile friendliness you need to be focusing on, in late 2017. The mobile age is taking us into a space of total convenience when it come to browsing the web, and connecting with our peers. Take advantage of it.



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