How Our Logo Got Onto A Sail Boat Racing To Scotland To Raise Money For Charity

How Our Logo Got Onto A Sail Boat Racing To Scotland To Raise Money For Charity

In late September 2016, we received a strange email regarding a charity fundraiser case. A man by the name of Ken Fowler approached us. He asked if we would be interested in donating some time and services into a charity challenge. After several brief emails and a few meetings, we decided to take on Ken’s offer and get involved with his challenge as a media sponsor.


A little backstory

Ken and his family have been strongly affected by cancer, which you can read more about on his JustGiving page hereIn 2016, he decided to start a fundraiser challenge, to help the ones battling cancer and their families. Combining that with his passion for sailing, a crazy Race to Scotland idea had spawned. A sailing challenge, taking Ken all the way from Lands End in South West England, to John O’Groats in the North of Scotland, and attempting to break to world record in the process.

You can read about the story in much more detail on

Ken Fowler Race To Scotland

Ken had set a £50k target, raising money for Cancer Research UK, and the Oakhaven Hospice. Not an easy task by any means, but a big challenge ahead! With roughly 8 months before Ken was due to set sail, he would need support with all aspects of a campaign this size including: maintenance, fitness, media, marketing, appropriate gear, hospitality and much more. You can read a little bit about all of the sponsors here.


The campaign

Our job was mainly to help spread the word and build the ‘brand awareness’ or ‘cancer awareness’, if you like. This was by no means an easy task. The end goal of course being to get as many donations as possible, and to get as close to the target as we can. We tried our hardest to keep the audience engaged, and spread as much information, positivity and awareness as possible.

We came up with an effective social media campaign, to spread the word. Giving people an insight into the motivation behind the challenge. We called it the ‘Countdown Awareness’ campaign. We knew that the start date was a crucial bit of information. Especially that we wanted the public to follow the journey along with Ken. With a little research, we created a countdown from 45 to 1 (1 being the day before race launch). Each day would tell a small different story. A story of cancer awareness, and the challenge at hand. We also prepared Ken with some hands-on tips for documenting his journey, which you can follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Race To Scotland Countdown Race To Scotland Countdown

The race

The target of £50k was very optimistic, as Ken admits. The number comes from the popular stat that 50% of people born after 1960 will get Cancer at some stage in their life. 50% of those people will now survive longer than 10 years after a Cancer diagnosis. But nevertheless, we enjoyed the challenge, especially for such a fantastic cause.

We will be releasing a full case study on the campaign shortly after Ken has arrived in John O’Groats (June 6th). The figures at the moment, show that just under £23k has been raised, almost half of the ambitious target! Ken expresses that he is in fact on a tight schedule, and this is indeed, a race. He would ideally need to reach the destination by June 6th.

You can follow the journey at and donate here.

Make sure you follow the rest of the journey, and contribute to the cause if you can.

Oh, and the boat has our logo on cool is that!?!

Race To Scotland boat

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