Why Email Marketing Is Still Essential For Small Businesses

Why Email Marketing Is Still Essential For Small Businesses

This week, we have guest blogger Gavin Stafford, Digital Marketing Executive from Matrix Internet Ireland. Gavin will give you an insight into the importance of email marketing for small businesses. Gavin’s post is a result of a blog collaboration between Matrix Internet and Wolfden Creative. You can read our blog post, on their website at the link at the bottom of the article. I’d like to thank Gavin for taking the time to write this piece and give his thoughts on the subject. Enjoy!


Unless you’ve been living on Mars, you will have noticed that over the past five years that social media has taken the mantle as the most powerful online medium for both B2B and B2C marketing. This shift has led many to believe that the old fashioned days of email marketing are finally over.

The reality is, however, email marketing is as relevant and powerful as ever and still remains an important tactic for marketers. Yes, social media is wonderful and it has been a game changer for many small businesses due to the opportunity to engage directly with an audience like never before.

But in terms of simple numbers, email marketing comes out on top. It’s estimated that almost 3 billion people worldwide use email. That’s almost three times the combined amount of Facebook & Twitter users.

Large companies generally don’t really have to do a whole lot to capture attention as they already have an established brand identity. Things are different for smaller operators however, as they need to shout a lot louder to get their name in lights.

This means regularly conveying a strong and compelling personal message to ensure continued interest and raised awareness of the company. This is an area where an email marketing campaign can prove to be of real value.

Through the building of a subscriber list, a small business can send out a regular newsletter or ezine complete with company updates, product/service information and promotions. This ensures a more transactional and direct approach than posting via social media channels which in turn can drive sales and lead to a higher customer acquisition rate.

Social media is like an ever evolving machine with a constant flow of content churning out on each platform. This results in a non­stop stream of daily information appearing on the newsfeed an average user which may lead to a message being lost or ignored in the crowd even if they follow the company page.

In comparison, over 85% of email users check their inbox at least once a day. Once an email campaign is sent it remains in an inbox until it’s read thus allowing the user to digest it in their own time.

Another key benefit of email marketing is its cost effectiveness. A company can send out a message to a considerable audience for a less cost than an average online advertising campaign. What’s more, even if a campaign led to just a small amount of conversions, it would still command a positive return on interest.

Email marketing is also completely measurable, allowing a company to view the success of each campaign and determine how many people opened the campaign, visited the website and unsubscribed. These analytics allow allow for full performance value assessment which will helps to maintain lower campaign cost.

That’s not all, most email marketing software allows for split A/B testing where a company can send two variations of the same campaign to two small separate test lists to determine which one proves the most effective. Variation A is sent to one list while Variation B is sent to the other. The more successful of the two variations can then be sent out to the remainder of the list ensuring a solid campaign each time.

Perhaps one of the most important reasons that email marketing remains as important as ever is the ever increasing rise of mobile users. There over 2 billion smartphone users worldwide with that figure projected to double by 2020.

It’s never been easier for users to check their emails wherever they may be, a study from HubSpot last year suggested that over 50% of smartphone owners have used their device to access their emails. With these figures in mind it’s easy to see why email marketing remains a key component of any online marketing strategy. By ignoring it, small business owners may be missing out on potentially invaluable opportunities.

I would like to thank Denis and all the team at Wolfden Creative for giving me the opportunity to contribute a guest blog to their website. If you’re interested in email marketing for your company why not check out our service and get in touch with us.

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